maandag 24 mei 2010

Maggie Sefton - Dyer Consequences

This is the fifth book in the Knitting Mysteries series. The former one stopped with a bit of a cliffhanger, which continiued in this one.

Dyer Consequences

With spring on the way, it's time for the knitters of Fort Connor to start dreaming of warmer days - and lay aside their wool in favor of cotton and silk. But there's still a chill in the air, and Kelly Flynn worries that some of the last icy daggers of winter may be pointed at her ...

Kelly has a spring project in mind that's a bit more involved than her usual scarves - rehabbing an alpaca ranch. She and her boyfriend can't wait to begin - but someone has different ideas for keeping Kelly busy, including slashing tires and cracking windshields. Kelly's scared, but she's hoping it's just random vandalism.

All that changes when House of Lambspun, the local knitting shop, is trashed and a young woman is found dead in the basement, drowned in a tub of dye. Although it seems like a burglary gone wrong, Kelly suspects there's more to the story. And as disturbing incidents pile up, she must pick up the stitches of these crimes before the killer strikes again ...

This one was a good one. I totally had no clue who the murderer was, till Kelly found out herself. Lots of suspense, some romance, lots of humor. Great book, great series. And they all have recipes and knitting patterns inside. Not that I have any idea how to read a knitting pattern, nor any inclination to learn to knit, but it still is fun reading about it. How Kelly strugles to learn everything, and when she finally finishes something, has to learn something new.

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