maandag 24 mei 2010

Maggie Sefton - Fleece Navidad

This is the sixth book in the Knitting Mysteries, and I read it back to back with the previous one.

Fleece Navidad

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas for the knitters of Fort Connor, Colorado, who are furiously working on their holiday projects. And it's not a stitch too soon, because some unfortunate residents will be feeling a deadly chill instead of holiday cheer ...

Kelly Flynn and her friends have transformed the House of Lambspun into a winter wonderland - complete with a new mascot, an actual lamb named Annie. But their most rewarding project is helping the town's librarian, Juliet, teach children how to knit.

Juliet has extra reason to be joyful this year - she is in love. But just as Juliet finds happiness, death finds her, leaving her not-so-festively facedown in her trademark Christmas cape. Suspicion falls on a knitting newcomer - a lonely widow with a puzzling past. Some believe she was sweet on Juliet's wealthy boyfriend, but Kelly and her knitting crew aren't convinced. It's up to them to separate the lion from the lambs - before someone else gets fleeced ...

I like this one a lot too, but this time I knew the plot long before Kelly finally figured it out. Which takes away some of the joy in reading for me. I like to be kept in the dark as much as the heroine. But as usual, I enjoyed meeting all the previous characters, Kelly's friends, and learning what goes on their lives. The relationship between Kelly and Steve is going well, and even Carl learns how to behave.

So, gimme the next one!

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