woensdag 12 mei 2010

Joanne Pence - Cooking most deadly

I finished this fourth book in the Angie Amalfi series a bit late yesterday evening, and I must say, it was kind of scary in the end. So what I dreaded became true: nightmares! I was the one being stalked in my dreams. Of course, that does say the book was good, that I kept dreaming about it ...

Cooking most deadly

Although food writer and dilettante chef Angie Amalfi is ready to start thinking about cutting a wedding cake with her delectable homicide detective boyfriend Paavo Smith, Paavo's got other things on his mind -- mainly, the grisly murder of two San Francisco women. While he combs the city for clues to the brutal slayings, Angie begins a quest of her own: searching for a little gem of a restaurant for a magazine review. She discovers three grumpy old men who make a mean marinara, but seem to know nothing about how to run a business. At least not a culinary business. As Angie deals with the diamond-in-the-rough eatery and her sisters' unwelcome wedding advice, Paavo's inquiry points to Angie as next on the killer's hit list. The ever-game Ms. Amalfi takes off her oven mitts to join the investigation. But Angie's leaping head first into the stewpot for sure -- because a murderer with a vendetta is more than willing to give one nosy chef her lethal just desserts.

The last sentence of the book made me laugh, really great finish. I don't have the next few novels though, my next books are number 11 and 13, and I don't want to skip the relationship development between Angie and Paavo. So I won't be reading on for now. I am thinking of ordering the rest of the series, if they are still available somewhere. They are pretty old already.

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