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Susan Sizemore - Scandalous Miranda

This is the third book in the MacCleods of Sky Court series. A whole family of spies.

Scandalous Miranda

Lady Miranda Hartwell does not care what society thinks -- and if she wishes to employ a male personal secretary, she will! Of course it was not her specific intention to hire one as devastatingly handsome as Andrew "MacGregor." And she certainly never dreamed she'd be so attracted to this fiery cauldron of secrets -- who seems oddly, intriguingly familiar...
Andrew MacLeod is ready to abandon his life as a master spy, until he is talked into accepting one final assignment. Protecting the lovely, independent Miranda will not be easy, for the lady must notice how he is always there to rescue her from the increasingly troubling "accidents" in her home. And surely she can feel the heat of the passion she inspires within him -- which may prove a fatal distraction, now that he's drawn the unsuspecting beauty into a most dangerous game...

It took me a while to finish this book once started, but I am glad I did afterall. I love Susan Sizemore's writing style, her colourful characters.

A year ago Lady Miranda was in Italy, where she was accidentally shot. What she doesn't know is that she accidentally walked in on a secret agent's mission of catching an english traitor. She gets shot, and left for dead. But Andrew pretends to be a brigand called Dante, and nursed her back to health. The shot hit her in the head, and she had the most horrendous headaches and migraines, with black outs and everything, and she is left blind.
But on the day she thinks her vision is returning, Andrew is called back to England. So he makes arrangements for Miranda to head back to England, to her home, where here 3 aunts will take care of her.
Her recovery is slow, but she manages. The headaches are fewer, and the nightmares finally subside. What Andrew does not know, is that Miranda has fallen in love with "Dante", and plans to return to Italy. But the reappearance of Miranda in society, also gets the attention of the traitor. And when he keeps trying to have Miranda murdered, Andrew is sent back to her, to protect her, and to find out finally who the traitor is.
So, with Miranda as bait, they pretend to be engaged. But when Miranda finally discovers that Andrew is Dante, she is not easily placated by him. He lied to her! His guilt is in the way of their happiness, unles Miranda can convince him they should be together.

Yes, a good book afterall, and I will definitely read more of Susan Sizemore's older books.

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