zaterdag 8 mei 2010

Maggie Sefton - A Killer Stitch

This is the fourth book in the Knitting Mystery series. And I loved it. Read it all in just a few hours. Unfortunately, don't have the rest of the series yet.

A Killer Stich

Tis the season for knitters in chilly Fort Connor, Colorado: scarves, sweaters, mittens - and murder. Amid the seasonal cheer of her local family of cowboys and yarn weavers, Kelly Flynn's intent on trying to separate innocence from icy deceit ...

The House of Lambspun has been bombarded by holiday knitters. In the midst of overflwoning bins of sumptuous yarn, an unexpected winter romance buzzes in chorus with the spindles of shy new spinning instructor Lucy Adair. But when a rancher is foud dead in Bellevue Canyon, avid knitter and sometime-sleuth Kelly Flynn quickly puts festive pastimes aside.

With his reputation for lovin' and leavin' the ladies of Fort Connor, it seems a little strange that the victim's final admirer was a fiancée ... none other than the hopelessly bereaved Lucy Adair. Unluckily, Kelly also finds herself linked to the prime suspect in the case - a rejected former lover of the playboy rancher. Charged with keeping both spinner and spurned from going over the edge, she'll discover more than a few secrets tangled on this triad's bobbin ...

A great story, with an unexpected culprit I can say this time. And Kelly finally bought the mountain ranch she fell in love with, but is it really cursed? Only the next novel will answer that question for me. But things are heating up a bit with Steve I believe. So, write on mrs Sefton, I want to know more.

Don't know what to read now. Another cozy mystery series, or back to my usual historical or paranormal romance? Will think about it over making dinner. And my next blog will tell what I have decided on.

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