vrijdag 28 mei 2010

Joanne Pence - Something's Cooking

This is the first book in the Angie Amalfi mystery series, and tells the beginning of the relationship between Angie en Paavo.

Something's Cooking

Life’s a banquet for Angelina Amalfi – a gourmet chef and food writer with enough sass and spunk for two. But things start to go really bad really fast when the man who’s been contributing unusual recipes to her column is discovered dead and Angie suddenly finds herself being stalked by a killer whose appetite was merely whetted by the first deadly course. One the plus side, Paavo Smith, the homicide cop assigned to the case is one delectable dish. But when more people start to fall all around her like ruined soufflés, ever-resourceful Angie realizes she’ll have to cook up a survival scheme quick before her personal goose gets cooked. This case may be too hot to handle and the stakes are high, for she’s about to take on deadly arms smugglers and lethal food fanatics. But if anyone can keep her cool, Angie can.

I am still not convinced that this is a real cozy, as Paavo is a cop and they work close together. In the end it is Angie who figures out the clue, but Paavo is close on her heels. It was a good story, though I had my suspicions about the murderer, and they did come true. I prefer to be surprised in the end.
And to be true, I do wonder why a gourmet chef and food writer would publish the recipes from some one else, which are truly dreadful. You won’t want your readers to make those things for real, do you?

I will read the rest of the series ofcourse, as I have been able to buy 5 more books in this series. And yes, glommer that I am, I will try to find the rest too.

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