zondag 30 mei 2010

Maggie Sefton - Dropped Dead Stitch

This is the seventh book in the Knitting Mysteries, and I thoroughly enjoyed it again.

Dropped dead stitch

Spring has sprung for the knitters of Fort Connor, Colorado, and the House of Lambspun. But for one of Kelly Flynn’s pals, things are coming apart at the seams…

Kelly’s friend Jennifer is a top-notch knitter – and a bit of a party girl. But she’s always stayed one step ahead of trouble, until the night a stranger follows her home. As Jennifer recovers from the dangerous encounter, she looks to Kelly and their other close-knit friends for comfort and support.

A retreat in the mountains, stitching and talking, seems to be just what the doctor ordered. So the gang heads up to a ranch in the picturesque Poudre Canyon. But they’re all in for a shock, because the owner of the ranch turns out to be Jennifer’s attacker. Now Jennifer has some hard choices to make – and when the man is found dead a few days later, Kelly does too. One of her best friends is the top suspect in a murder case – and few who were there are above suspicion. Kelly and crew will have to pick up the stitches fast before someone is left dangling…

After being raped one night, Jennifer refuses to press charges. For one, she doesn’t know the guys name, and second, she has the habit of picking up guys in bars. No-one would believe her, she would be dragged through the mud at the trial. So slowly she is recovering, with the help of a good therapist. Then her therapist is holding a workshop for women who have been the victim of sexual violence, and she wants to give knit and crochet sessions. Lisa is going as part of her internship with dr. Norcross, and she asks Kelly and Jennifer to help her teach the other women.

But when they arrive at Poudre Canyon, Jennifer recognises her attacker as the owner of the ranch, Cal Everett. She wants to leave at once, not being able to face him. But dr. Norcross talks to her, and she decides to stay after all, after dr. Norcross gave Cal a piece of her mind in front of Jennifer.

So Cal stays out of sight from the woman, and Jennifer joins the sessions after all. But only while doing needle work, the woman relax and share their stories. And then, just when they are about to leave, Cal is found dead. Was it an accident, he was pretty drunk last night, after having this fight with another rancher named Bill over money owned. Or did someone help him? And when Jennifer has no alibi, Kelly is determined to clear her name.

Steve’s business is failing, the housing market is very bad at the moment, so there are troubling times ahead for him. And Kelly is getting a little bored with her alpaca accounts, she wants to have something more challenging for her CPA skills. But Mimi and Burt are getting married, with the whole gang there to celebrate.

A great story again. I read it in just a few hours, just what I needed. But still I am not going to pick up a needle myself!

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