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Anthology: Red Hot Santa

A collection of stories by Cherry Adair, Leanne Banks, Pamela Britton and Kelsey Roberts, published October 25, 2005.
Genre: hot romantic suspense
Cover: I like it!

Red Hot Santa

This holiday season, four bestselling authors give the gift that keeps on giving: gripping tales of special agents in a covert agency, out to protect the innocent . . . by any means necessary.

Snowball's Chance by Cherry Adair
Kendall decks the halls, unaware that a serial killer has her on the top of his list. Of course, being naughty with the sexy good guy sent to protect her would be so nice.

Santa Slave by Leanne Banks
After her best friend disappears, Hilary takes matters into her own hands and finds herself caught in the throes of danger, while a hunky male operative hopes to mix pleasure with business.

Runaway Santa by Pamela Britton
Biologist Kaitlyn Moneypenny's research is finally leading to a big scientific breakthrough . . . and mortal peril. When bullets start to fly, so do the sparks between Kaitlyn and her Santa-clad rescuer.

Killer Christmas by Kelsey Roberts
When several Santas are murdered at a swanky department store, the new CEO, Meghan Beckham, had better watch out, had better not cry - because a serial killer has come to town.

4 short stories, so I am keeping this review short. Four women in trouble, four bodyguards from the same secret agency are sent to keep them safe. There are cookies. All 8 main characters are gorgeous, and smart, and they all fall in lust at once. And in bed very soon after their first meeting, even though they know that is a bad idea. There is danger, lots of action, the hero defeats the bad guy(s), the ladies are rescued, but that is not the end of their personal story.

I’ve bought this book for the Cherry Adair story, and I liked that one. The story was predictable, but I liked it.
The Leanne Banks story has a heroine who is smart but who does incredibly stupid things.
I enjoyed the Pamela Britton story, but still have no idea what animals she was researching and saving. Nor why the danger is suddenly gone, when so many bad things could come from her invention.
The Kelsey Roberts story makes me want to read more of her work. Even though I knew who the bad guy/guys is/are, there was depth to the heroine.

6 stars.

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4 opmerkingen:

  1. Eh not this time. Lol nice xmas book at this time of the year ;)

  2. I met Cherry Adair and have been wanting to get a book by her ever since! I think I would pick it up for that alone as well.

  3. it sounds nice but I always have a problem with little stories, it's for that I don't read a lot of them. It can be a nice break.

  4. I am just not a fan of the little stories unless they tie into a series. I always want more, more, more :)