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Erin McCarthy – Hot Finish

The third book in the Fast Track series, published August 3, 2010.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: I like it.

Hot finish

Not all marriages last forever…
Suzanne Jefferson is broke, which is why she's given up charity work for wedding planning. Fortunately, she has a high-profile client-and best of all, he's paid in advance. There are just two teensy problems: the bride is a bona fide bridezilla, and Suzanne's stock racer ex- husband is the best man. At least she thought he was her ex-husband.
… but this one might.
Two years after their marriage fell apart; stock car race driver Ryder Jefferson still can’t stop thinking about Suzanne. Which is why he isn’t too upset that, due to a glitch, the two are still technically married. Now he’s imagining easing Suzanne’s woes by satisfying her needs in the bedroom. After all, that’s the one room they never argued in. Besides, with wedding bells ringing all around them, Ryder is wondering if – even though they’d quit the race a few laps too early - they can still come on strong with a big, romantic finish …

Suzanne Jefferson has trouble making ends meet, she has had to quit the charity work she loved doing because of that, and has started up a wedding consultant business. And lucky for her, she has a very well paying client; only it is the bridezilla from hell! She wants 12 bridesmaids and groomsmen, so her fiancée asked all his racing buddies to be one. Not knowing how to decline, they have no choice but to accept, even if they are not real friends of the groom. And it is especially difficult for Ty, who used to date the bride, and now has to act as best man of the groom. Not that he is heartbroken, he is glad to be rid of Nikki. For the rest, she doesn’t know what she wants, but she does know what she doesn’t want. Suzanne is at the end of her wits, with so little planning time before the wedding date, they have to make some decisions now! When Nikki has invited al the groomsmen and bridesmaid to the planning, she is horrified. How will all those people fit in her small home? And not to mention, she will have to face Ryder again, her ex-husband. When Ryder makes a joke about an Elvis wedding, and Nikki jumps on it, seeing herself as Priscilla immediately, Suzanne is ready to strange him. She does not want to do a tacky themed marriage, she wants to plan something classy, to make her name in the business. But what the bride wants, the bride gets.

When Ryder hands Suzanne some papers from their lawyer, that are addressed to them both, she is horrified! As Ryder never showed up at the court appointment, they are still married! They sure have been acting like singles these last two years, and how about her taxes for those years? This is a disaster. Ryder doesn’t think so. He never wanted a divorce in the first place, it was Suzanne who walked out on them. He never stopped loving her, but how is he to convince her of that. They never talked about their feelings, or their future, all they had was great sex. Will a hot one night stand with the ex lead to more? Or will they just keep on hurting each other?

I did something, I don’t usually do, I read this book out of order! Melissa, you are rubbing of on me! Lucky for me, I had no difficulty getting to know all the other players, the race car drivers and their partners.

I liked both Suzanne and Ryder, and had a hard time choosing sides. Suzanne is trying to set up a business and a future for herself, while Ryder as a race car driver, has money enough to do as he pleases. He is famous and handsome and never without a woman if he wants to. But Ryder wants Suzanne, and after meeting her again, he is not interested in another woman anymore. Their marriage broke down, because they shared nothing, they did not talk about anything serious. Their feelings, their wants. They just got into fights and make up sex. And for them to try again, they will have to change that, which is not easy. Suzanne things that Ryder only married her because she got pregnant. And when she miscarried, there was no reason to stay married at all. But Ryder fell in love, and wanted her from the moment they met only he never told her that. They both keep making jokes instead of being truthful and open to the other, talk about stubborn! They are so afraid of getting hurt even more, but they are both still in love.
Okay, the bride, Nikki, I would have strangled a long time ago, for being an insensitive airhead. She totally doesn’t appreciate anything, and expects everything that happens as her due. Suzanne’s girlfriends are awesome though, and I do look forward to reading the rest of this series and find out their stories as well. Ryder’s friends, the other race car drivers are intriguing as well, and those that are already mated sure love that fact.

I have to say, you really cannot compare this to the Vegas Vampires series, which I liked very much. The fun and humor is still there, but there are many more love scenes, and those are a lot hotter as well.

8 stars.

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  1. I read one of these and it was hoooooot!

  2. I don't think we have this series in France, only the las vegas. I don't think I ever read it neither but I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's nice to see you're liking all her books.

  3. Ooh I really liked this one Aurian! I've read the first three and they're all pretty entertaining. Ty and Imogen are my favorite though (book 2). There was just something about them :)

    Oooo and Nikki. Yeah she's something else! LOL

    Glad you enjoyed it even if it's a good bit different than the Vegas Vamps :) Thanks for the reminder about the series. I need to grab up book 2 soon!