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Jemma Chase – Amazing and Waiting

2 novelettes published November 20, 2012.
Genre: science fiction / suspense
Cover: intriguing.

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Come visit the far future, where derelict spaceships are Waiting in deep space for salvage...or maybe for rescue.

A woman has been forced by Earth government to become a space salvager, in order to get her husband out of prison. Now she has discovered a true price, a very old spaceship, worth a lot of money, perhaps enough to finally get free. But when she discovers Pandora’s Box, what will she do?

Then take a trip to an Amazing resort run by a mysterious benefactor who may or may not want to give his guests a vacation to die for.

4 couples are finding their way through some kind of strange maze. They were expecting a luxury vacation, but this is turning deadly.

This is one “book” with two very short stories written by Jemma Chase (also known as Gini Koch), but she writes under a different pen name for a good reason. This writing style is completely different from her Gini Koch books, so don’t expect her custom sense of humor and wit.

I liked the first story, a woman, a robot and a spaceship, travelling through space trying to salvage enough to rescue her husband. But when she finds something unexpected (and creepy) and learns the truth about what happened back on Earth, what will she do? It sure makes you think.

The second one was just creepy and very strange. Running through a maze, trying to find the exit, and not knowing what will happen or what dangers are ahead. And when the choices make decide between life and death, is love important any more?

If you like short and strange stories, something to make you scratch your head and think: what if? Go for it. This is for sure original and new, and as it is only 2,99 at Smashwords at the moment, why not. The link is at the bottom of the post. Two short stories in one download.

7 stars.

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  1. I liked these because they were so different then what I normally read. I told Gini that the endings killed me, lol!

    1. Yes, that first story could have easily have a few more chapters to make me happy :)

  2. I don't really know if it's for me... You know m and space... well not really good.

    1. Only one is in space, and the other is just somewhere strange.