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Kimberly Raye – Kiss me Once, Kiss me Twice

The first book in the Farrel Sisters series, published February 1, 2004.
Genre: sexy contemporary romance
Cover: cute

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Kiss me Once
For Skye Farrel, sex is a business, and business is good. Her Girl Talk seminars are the talk of the town, with professional women jumping at the chance to learn the art of sexual fulfilment. But while she teachers her students how to heat up the sheets, her own love life is on ice.
Kiss me Twice
Enter Clint MacAllister, the six-foot plus, sexy NASCAR wunderkind, whose speedy lifestyle has left his relationship quotient in the dust. Not a good beginning for a man on the hunt for a wife. So Skye makes Clint a deal he can’t refuse: her sex tips in return for insight in the male mind. Each private lesson leaves Skye itching to test-drive him herself, but Clint is the marrying kind and she’s allergic to a trip down the aisle. Can Clint convince this liberated woman that the greatest race of all is the one for her heart?

Skye Farrel has her own successful business, giving sex talk to woman, teaching them about their own bodies and how to ensure their own pleasure and that of their partner. But she is lonely herself, somehow she can’t have a relationship for longer than a few months. Her mother is a famous womanist, with her own late night talkshow, where she teaches woman about their own value, that they don’t need a man in their life to look after, to be happy. Not even if the sex is great. And marriage? That is totally a man’s way to enslave a woman, and should be outlawed.
Her mother was mostly on the road, giving lectures about her books, and their professor father was doing research somewhere. Leaving Skye and her sisters raised by their grandmother in a small village.
Skye and her sisters have been indoctrinated by their mothers’ beliefs their whole lives, leaving them the odd girls out at school, and too independent. When her assistant Jenny proudly tells her she is getting married, and asks her to be the maid of honor, she doesn’t know how to refuse. She has never even been to a wedding before.
Skye is trying to resist her addiction to cookies, and her youngest sister is trying to stop smoking. Talking to their mother really does not help with those goals. She keeps reminding them that a daughter of her would never do this or that. They do love their mother, but it sure is tiring.
Skye has a fondness for “Barbie” shoes, but she was never even allowed to own a Barbie by her mother, and so she dresses sensibly and not sexy. Those shoes are invented by men to torture women with….

Being tasked to find the missing bridesmaid, Skye runs into Cliff MacAllister in one of the bathrooms. She used to dream of him as a teenager, when she had this big poster above her bed, of him dressed in his boxers and cowboy boots. And he sure has filled out nice and strong, and is now a famous NASCAR racecar driver. Only he gave up on racing a while ago after a minor accident, and is now the owner of his own team. He has re-evaluated his life, and he really wants a wife and kids of his own. Only the girl he proposed to, said no. Apparently, he was not all that hot in the bedroom. So Cliff is determined to get better, and so he makes a deal with Skye, while she is drunk on champagne and chocolate cake. She will teach him sex, and he will teach her what a real man likes. Meaning sports, and fishing, and such. To her own surprise, Skye likes watching sports, even up close.

Skye is very much attracted to Cliff, but as he told her he is almost engaged, she won’t go for it. She likes sex, but it does not mean she has had a lot of lovers, she is very picky, but the attraction between them is sizzling. And Cliff wants marriage, which is something she will never go for.

Skye tries to teach Cliff theory only, but as he is dyslexic, that does not really work for him. Also, he is very intrigued by all the items she has brought over for the lessons and totally throws her out of her game plan. Sharing stories of their past, and present, brings them closer together, and they start to really like each other. Which is so not what they want. A relationship between them will never work …

After reading the second book in this series a few weeks ago, I really wanted the other two books in this trilogy. To my disappointment, the books were extremely expensive, so I am happy I managed to find them secondhand. Or rather, my secondhand bookdealer Claudia did.

I enjoyed this one a lot as well. I like Skye, she is a modern woman, but she has a romantic streak, and I think Cliff will make her give in to that little by little. She is a girly girl who loves to wear dresses and frills and tiny antiques, while he is a real sports man and a man’s man. Still, they are great together. Cliff was told time and again that he would never amount to anything, but he sure proved them all wrong by becoming one of the best drivers in history. And now the press are on his back again, as if he would be afraid to drive anymore after his accident. He really doesn’t want to talk about it, he is truly ready to move on with his life, and when it is necessary, he does get behind the wheel and drive. I loved that part.

Two lonely but very nice people who find each other, but the story is fun, and well written, and I do love Kimberly’s sense of humor. Of course there are some naughty scenes, and some hot scenes, and some very sweet ones. I do like Skye’s interaction with her sisters, and am looking forward to reading the third book soon. I am curious about the gothic middle sister. And well, their father is intend of deepening his relationship with their mother after all those years of being semi-together, and I want to know how he will manage that. After all, it goes against everything she preaches.

8,5 stars.

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  1. I am so glad you liked it. Translation: not for me. ;)

    1. It does have lots of womanist advice ;) You could agree with that part of the boook :)

  2. hmmm...I'm not sure about this one, but I like it because it sounds a bit different.

  3. I hadn't seen this one yet. It sounds pretty entertaining. Not sure the mama and I will get along though. Thanks for the heads up! Glad you were able to find a used copy!

    herding cats & burning soup

    1. Lol I know I am happy she is not my mother. But she has only a small part in the books.

  4. Hm... NASCAR. I do think I know someone perfect for this one. :) This sounds like a cute read.

    1. It sure is fun Melissa. Sexy but not too hot for me.

  5. Oh I didn't know series. I've read another first book by her but I never looked at the others. It seems like I should have.

    1. If they are all this fun, I want to read more of her books Melliane.