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Bailey Cates – Some enchanted éclair

The fourth book in the Magical Bakery Mystery series, published July 1, 2014.
Genre: paranormal cozy mystery with recipes
Cover: fun and sweet

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When Hollywood invades Savannah's historic district to film a Revolutionary War movie, magical baker Katie Lightfoot and her witches' coven, the Spellbook Club, take a break from casting spells for casting calls. One of the witches snags a part as an extra, while Katie's firefighter boyfriend, Declan, acts as on-set security. Katie and her Aunt Lucy decide to stay out of the action, but after the movie's "fixer" fires the caterer, the Honeybee Bakery comes to the rescue, working their magic to keep the hungry crew happy.
But when someone fixes the fixer - permanently - and a spooky psychic predicts Katie will find the killer, the charming baker and her fellow conjurers step in to sift through the suspects . . . before someone else winds up on the cutting room floor.

Katie Lightfoot only recently learned that she is a witch, just like her parents, her aunt and her grandmother. She lives with her adorable dog Mungo, who is also her familiar. Together with her aunt Lucy and her uncle Ben, Katie manages the Honeybee Bakery in Susannah. And as they are heart witches, and garden witches, they add a little special somethings to their baked goodies, just to help their customers with their problems, helping the natural properties of the herbs a little.
But for now, her uncle has taken a temporary job as head of security on a movie set, leaving Katie and her aunt Lucie a bit understaffed at the bakery. Especially when Simon Knapp comes in. He has just fired their previous caterer, and wants them to cater lunch for the movie crew, as Mimsie recommended them. They don’t normally cater, or serve lunch, but it would mean a lot of money for a few days.
So they whip up a great lunch for Simon to take back with him, and then make plans on what to serve for the rest of the week. When Katie takes Simon up on his offer to visit the set, she is in for a nasty surprise though.
The leading actress has just discovered his dead body! Her uncle and boyfriend are not pleased, they are the security on the set. Sure, their main task is to keep the public behind the ropes, but Ben does not like that his happened on his watch!
The leading actress takes an instant dislike to Katie, and is really nasty to her, but her pet psychic Ursula declares that she will solve the murder. And so Katie has been chosen to investigate again. And it seems like most people on the set have something to hide and a possible motive to kill Simon ...

I love this series, and being with Katie when she learns new things and enjoys life as a witch. I also love her boyfriend and firefighter Declan, they are so good together. Katie, her aunt and her aunts friends from the Coven have a spellbook club, and they all do their thing to help Katie figure things out. They work so well together, and I love all of those ladies. It makes me want to move to Savannah, even though the heat would kill me.
I like Katie, she tries her best, she bumbles now and then, but is determined to do the right thing. I like her relationship progress, and Declan sure is in for a big surprise for himself in this book. I hope he can handle it.
The ghost of Katie’s grandmother pops in regularly, often bringing a warning, or just soothing with her presence, and those little scenes are very lovingly written.

I enjoy this series very much, and if you like paranormal cozy mysteries, you really should be reading this one. And it has recipes too!

9 stars.

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  1. I hope you do Felicia, I really liked this one a lot.

  2. Yes, this one does sound like it is right up my alley. Might have to try it on audio!

  3. I don't think I've read any para-cozies. Just contemp ones. I do need to give them a try though I think :D

  4. Oh witches story! I love them! mainly in cozy! It's a new one but it sounds so fun! Great review!

  5. Love this series! Glad to hear you like it too!

    Can't wait for the next installment.