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Maggie Sefton – Close Knit Killer

Book 11 in the Knitting Mystery series, published June, 2013.
Genre: cozy mystery
Cover: nice

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Springtime in Fort Connor, Colorado, is a breeze until a veteran con man shows up in town. Everyone - including the House of Lambspun knitters - is up in arms, and once again it's up to Kelly Flynn to untangle the threads of a complicated crime...
Years ago Jared Rizzoli, a former financial advisor, operated a Ponzi scheme that defrauded countless Fort Connor residents - including Barbara, one of the shop's knitters. Jared went to jail for his crime, but after being released for good behavior, he's back to ruin more lives.
When Jared is found dead in his car outside of Lambspun, Barbara becomes a prime suspect, much to the shock of the knitting community. To save one of their own, Kelly and her friends need to sort through a long list of fleeced suspects to pin the crime on the true killer...

Another review I just could not write in time. It is a good series, a large cast of characters that are a joy to read about, and who all love to knit. This is not something I like to do myself, but it is really fun to read about it. The cool thing is that the yarn shop they all meet, Lambspun, really does exist in Fort Connor, Colorado. I know that if I lived in Colorado I would want to visit it at least once. Of course I know I would be violently allergic, but still, I want to see all those different kinds and colors of yarn as described in the book.

When Jared Rizzoli comes back to town after spending a few years in prison, he claims to be a changed man. Still, he won’t give any of the money back he swindled out of people’s pensions and savings. Lots of people were ruined because of him, and one even killed himself. So there are plenty of people around who hate him with a reason, and think a few years in a luxury prison was not enough punishment at all. So when he ends up murdered, no one is surprised at that, and there are suspects enough.
But when one of Lambspun’s regulars becomes the main suspect, Kelly and her friends are determined to clear her name.

They are also very busy helping Jennifer and Pete. Pete’s father is taking care of his niece, Cassie, who is 11 years old. But when he suffers a heart attack, Pete and Jennifer will have to take care of not only Pete’s father, but also of Cassie. I loved how all their friends pitch in, to take Cassie to events, to teach her what they do and their hobbies.

The murder case was a big surprise as well. Lots of twists and turns, but I have to admit, I did guess the real killer quite early. Still, the ending was the surprise and it was just a nice addition to a series I really enjoy reading.

8 stars.

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  1. I think you might like the heroine Felicia, she works hard, drinks a lot of coffee and learns how to knit :)

  2. Oh this sounds good. I enjoy cozies with craft! I wonder if she has a crochet book. I don't knit but a free pattern sounds like fun. LOL

    1. I have no idea Melissa, but it seems some new craft is mentioned in each book.

  3. The murder case sounds quite good and I love that it took you by surprise..that always makes it exciting.

  4. it sounds like a good investigation there. It's the first time I hear about it but I'm curious! thanks for the review!