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Nancy Warren – Game on – Read for #LLC2015

A book in the Last Bachelor Standing series, published January 1, 2014.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: nice

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Welcome to Last Bachelor Standing!
How long can three sexy single men hold out?

First up? Mr. No Commitment...Detective Adam Shawnigan. As you can see, ladies, he has the protective cop hero thing happening - plus he's all gorgeous height, piercing dark eyes, sensuous mouth and lean hot body. But here comes sweet temptation....
Performance coach Serena Long is helping Adam prepare for his hockey league playoffs. As it turns out, he's also in a position to help out with her little stalker problem. It's quid pro quo, both in the bedroom and out.

Dylan, Max and Adam have been best of friends since forever. A cop, a fireman and an internet mogul. And now they have made a bet, never to marry. Adam’s mother is very disappointed as she hears that, she wants her son to be happy, and she wants grandchildren1

Adam is a police detective, following in his father’s footsteps, even though he never got promoted beyond a beat cop. He and his friends play an awesome game of ice hockey, but every time they hit the play-offs, Adam is off his game. And Max and Dylan are determined to find out why. So Max asks his good friend Serena Long, a famous performance coach, to work with Adam and find out what is wrong, and improve his game.
Adam is furious with his friends, he doesn’t need a shrink or a performance coach, thank you very much. But from the first moment Adam lays eyes on Serena, he wants her. She reminds him of a dominatrix he once arrested, with her black clothes and her self assured look.
Adam reluctantly agrees to work with her. At first he thinks it a lot of nonsense, especially the homework she assigns him. But he does it anyway, and it really has merit.

And then someone starts stalking Serena, scaring her, and Adam steps in to protect her. Max also owns a security business, and they promise Serena to protect her, day and night, with Adam covering the night part.
But Serena really hates to be shadowed everywhere she goes, someone watching her all the time, and Adam certainly is very over protective. Serena is a self made woman; she has built her own very successful business from the ground up, and has some very important clients. She has more business than she can handle. And now her very capable assistant wants to become a partner.

I loved the hot romance part of this story, but the mystery part is even better, as Nancy Warren very cleverly pointed my attention in the wrong direction the whole time. When Serena got taken by her stalker, that was a scary part, as the guy is a real nutjob and has planned it all very well. Adam is there just in time though … as he did not tell Serena how much she was looked after … even though she kicked him out of her apartment.

Nancy Warren has written a really good story, with very life like and likeable characters. It was a surprise when Adam found out what was holding him back, and how he dealt with it. I liked this book very much, and I will read the next book in this series very soon. I like her writing style and her sense of humor. It fits me perfectly.

Recommended reading if you are in the mood for a fun and relaxing in-between book for your paranormals.

8 stars.

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Read for #LLC2015
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