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Bertrice Small – Passionate Pleasures

The fifth book in the Channel series), published August 3, 2010.
Genre: erotica
Cover: nice
re-read for the second time

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Librarians are expected to be a bit stuffy. But not Kathryn St. John. Miss Kathy keeps everyone up-to-date with the latest trends, literary and otherwise. She’s content in her career – and with her fantasies on the Channel, that secret interactive cable network known only to women. Any of her favorite literary heroes can become her lover on the Channel, while her public life remains scandal free – which is a must for a descendant of one of her town’s founding families.
But when Egret Pointe’s middle school gets a new principal, everything changes. One look at the town’s proper librarian, and Tim Blair is lost. That he’s several years her junior doesn’t matter to him at all. He knows he can offer the lady passionate pleasures that will go beyond her wildest dreams. But getting Kathy to give up her fantasies for reality isn’t easy until the Channel’s CEO takes a hand in the matter – because even the devil himself can have a soft spot for love and a pretty woman.

For decades the St. John females have been unmarried, and the local librarians. After all, their family gave the town its library so it is only right that a St. John takes care of it. Kathryn is over 40, and content with her life and her little cottage just across the library. Her big brother is holding the purse strings though, and he expects her to behave according to her station. Lucky for Kathy, she has the Channel to live out her dreams and fantasies.
But then one day, Egret Pointe’s middle school gets a new principal, and Tim Blair (and his scruffy dog) fall head over heals for the prim and proper librarian. Tim lost his fiancée in an accident just a few weeks before their wedding, but that is 10 years ago. Still, he never expected to feel like this again. And so he keeps pursuing Kathy, even though she is reluctant to even communicate with him. But her friends keep pushing them together, and after all there is nothing wrong with being friends with a man at her age, is there? And when even her brother approves of the new principal, well, perhaps there can be more, even though there is an age difference.

For centuries, the St. John men have fallen easily in Mr. Nicholas’ hands (the CEO of The Channel Company), but the women have always alluded him. And now he has a soft spot for Kathy, but she is just too good a woman to fall. Even though he was her first lover, and they are still friends. It is time to cut her off from the Channel, and give her a chance at real love with a real man.
Kathy has been in love only once before, and she lost him to the war. Her brother nor his family knew about it, as she would have married way beneath her station, but she loved him all the same. Does she dare risk her heart again at her age?

Another lovely book in this erotica series I enjoy so much. I liked both characters, how Tim perseveres but never pushes or becomes a stalker. How they slowly go from friends to lovers, and never rush things. The dates they go on. I like how Kathy’s family became more likeable as Tim and Kathy interact more with them.
Yes of course some hot love scenes, and no, I never skip them in a Bertrice Small book.

Of course there is more to these books than I have revealed in my reviews, but I won’t spoil the fun of discovering those things yourselves. You must have figured out who mr. Nicholas is by now.

9 stars.

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  1. I really do think I need to try her out. Not sure why but I always thought she wrote 'sweet' romances.

    1. Lol Anna. She is hotter than hot! Try some of her historicals.

  2. I haven't heard of this one before, but it sounds enjoyable! Going to add it to my TBR :)

  3. Okay, after reading this, I will definitely be reading this series. I like to read books where the man is younger then the woman.

    1. Yes, that was fun Peggy. I like it as well, as long as the difference is not so extreme as december-april.

  4. Hm... I really do think I need to try this author!

  5. Why have I not tried this author? A naughty librarian..I like the sound of this.

  6. Sounds good. I think I'll be reading the whole series soon.