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Lisa Marie Rice – Hot Secrets - Read for #LLC2015

Book 1.5 in the Dangerous series, published January 3, 2012.
Genre: romantic suspense
Cover: hot

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Jack Prescott waited twelve years for his wife, Caroline. And then, the moment he found her again, he almost lost her.
The son of a violent drunk, Jack grew up on the streets, and he understands better than anyone how cruel and dark the world can be. As a martial artist and former Army Ranger, though, he knows how to take care of himself and those he loves. Only one thing can bring him to his knees - the thought of someone harming Caroline.
So he made it his mission to teach her self-defense...but not all of their time on the workout mat is work.
When a violent monster of a man breaks into Caroline's bookstore on Christmas Eve, Jack races to her side, all the while hoping his lessons have sunk in, because without her, life isn't worth living.

Jack and Caroline are happily married, and Caroline is getting used to Jack’s protectiveness, but it does not mean that she likes the self defense lessons he is pressuring her to take. And she adamantly refuses to learn how to shoot a gun.
Caroline owns a bookstore, and she loves to help underprivileged children find their love of reading. She knows the background stories of a lot of them, and today, after her reading a Christmas story to them, she will take them to her friends place across the street for hot chocolate and cake. But before she can do that, a big monster of a man breaks into her store, looking for his stepson. The man is high and violent, and he swats at the children in his way. Caroline does his best to get the children out the back, safely. But little Manuel cannot escape his stepfather. The man has already beaten his wife into the hospital, and there is a restraining order out on him. He wants his wife and his stepson!
Caroline pretends to be sympathetic and to call the hospital to check up on his wife for him, secretly calling Jack so he will know what is happening at the bookstore. When Jack hears his wife talking about an armed man, he almost has a heart attack. The police are already on their way, alerted by Caroline’s friend, but he has to be there, he has to save her!

A great little novella, with a lot of adrenaline racing through my veins because of this dangerous situation. I do not know these characters, or the previous books in this series, but I fell for Jack and Caroline on page 1. I admired Caroline for how she handled things, and made sure the children were safe. And at the end of the story, she sure wants those self defense lessons from her husband!

A good one, recommend for a quick lunchbreak read. I really love stories that take place after the usual HEA ending of a book.

8 stars.

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Read for #LLC2015
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  1. I sometimes regret I hate novellas so much - great it worked for you dear Aurian!

    1. You could look at it as a prolonged epilogue this time.

  2. It's always nice when they can get a novella to be a good read :D

    1. Yes it does make me want to read more Anna, and that is its purpose I guess.

  3. Reacties
    1. I often dislike the too short ones, but this one is just right. It is a finished episode in their lives.

  4. It's like a extra long epilogue. It makes me want to read the book that came before. It's not necessary, but I would love to read the story of how they came together. I believe I've got this one in digital format. Have to read it someday.

    1. You could still order this from Bookdepo I think Maia.

  5. I used not to like novellas and anthologies overly much, but I changed my attitude. Quite often you can find gemstones :)

    1. I find myself reading a lot of anthologies lately Karin, and enjoying most of the stories. Perhaps I am just too tired in my head to pick up a full length novel.

  6. I read this novella and the book where they met. I liked both.