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Cate Tiernan - The Calling

The seventh book in the Wicca : Sweep series, published October 29, 2001.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Cover: strange

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At last, I am coming into the sunlight. The dangers I faced are gone, and I'm in love. Deeply in love.
But lately, I've been having dreams, terrible visions of someone in trouble. Someone who will die, unless I can prevent it.
Who is calling me like this? And what will it cost me to help?
Morgan is a blood witch, but where is her family? And who are her friends, and her enemies?

Selene Belltower was a member of the dark coven Amyranth, and Hunter has orders to find it, and put an end to them. Morgan is having visions of a young wolf cub, sacrificied by them. As they know that Cieran MacEwan, the man who killed Morgan's real parents, is the head of that coven, Hunter thinks that Cieran is about to kill his own son, and steal his magick. And so Hunter and Morgan, Bree and Robbie, and Skye and Raven are going on a weekend trip to New York. Of course getting her parents to agree, was not that easy for Morgan. They will be staying in Bree's father's apartment, as he is a famous lawyer who often stays in town, leaving Bree home alone in Widow's Vale, free to do as she wishes.
And so, while Hunter and Skye are hunting for clues and leads, the other four will be doing some shopping and sightseeing. But Morgan has another reason for this visit.
From reading Maeve's Book of Shadows, she knows she and Angus were staying in New York, in a tiny apartment in Hells' Kitchen before coming to the countryside. She wants to find that apartment, and search for anything left behind by them. Robbie helps her gain access to the apartment, but he is really upset about her actions then, bespelling the building manager for her own gain. But Morgan doesn't care all that much, she has what she has come for.

When they meet with Ciaran's son in a club that evening, they don't know who he is, until it is too late, but Morgan likes him. Killian is a fun guy, totally self centered and careless with his magic, so different from what Hunter is teaching them. And he seems to really like Raven, much to Skye's disgruntlement.

And then they find out that Ciaran was not planning to kill his own son, the Amyranth coven was coming for Morgan all that time … But when Ciaran finds out who Morgan is, he helps to set her free …

Another great story with lots of danger for Morgan, but she learns more about her own heritage. Angus was not her birthfather, and she has half siblings …

8 stars.

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  1. Lots of danger makes for a good read :) This is another author I want to try.

    1. It is an old series, I hope you can borrow all the books form your library Felicia.

  2. I remember reading these and enjoying them. I should reread :D

  3. Reacties
    1. Yes, it is a good series. Absolutely not dated either.