dinsdag 5 januari 2016

Favourite books in 2015.

Like most other bloggers, I have prepared a list of all the 10-star books I have read in 2015, excluding the many re-reads. So, in the order I read them in:

Suzan Elizabeth Philips - Hot Shot

 photo n89749_zpssjgzzor4.jpg

Patricia Briggs - Night Broken

 photo 51Hm2evpYYL.SX316_zpsrqwop7kw.jpg

Ilona Andrews - Magic Breaks

Magic Breaks photo 51g3a99HQdL.SX316_zpsvnxfohsh.jpg

Christine Feehan - Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf photo n436401_zpspoj36lnx.jpgDark Wolf photo 61N1hpHY2gL._SL160__zpssisnkdtd.jpg

Yasmine Galenorn - Priestess Dreaming

Priestess Dreaming photo 512Bp6FsnYFL.SX316_zpstrp8eewz.jpg

Anne Bishop - Vision in Silver

Vision in Silver photo 51nVyaBFY2BL.SX316_zpswlf1axjh.jpg

Patricia Briggs - Dead Heat

Dead Heat photo 51PcWHUszfL.SX316_zpsuyzugpz3.jpg

Jennifer Ashley - Rules for a Proper Governess

 photo 51cnOBn67eL.SX316_zpstuzx07lz.jpg

Kevin Hearne - Shattered

Shattered photo 51ihin0kwVL.SX316_zpspysdbc2k.jpg

Gini Koch - Alien Separation

Alien Separation photo 51B42B-vyMuL.SX316_zpskwg9d4rd.jpg

Jennifer Ashley - Mate Bond

 photo 513kwNgXNWL.SX316_zps7bxidyoy.jpg

Ellery Adams - Lemon Pies and Little White Lies

 photo 51Chu9LVDjL.SX316_zps2n5nptkx.jpg

Faith Hunter - Dark Heir

 photo 51hcGb3uHkL.SX316_zpsbtsibgtj.jpg

Heather Graham - Deadly Gift

Deadly Gift photo n276864_zpsv6hiemeh.jpg

Kresley Cole - Dark Skye

Dark Skye photo 516NGkAz4rL.SX316_zps0tiuzl6q.jpg photo 51ZHls8rrKL._SL160__zpsvskyra4s.jpg

Laura Childs - Steeped in Evil

Steeped in Evil photo 51D9pwUanGL.SX316_zpsv8myqfag.jpg

Thea Harrison - Midnight's Kiss

 photo 51ZyRS41n2L.SX316_zpspxf4jt9j.jpg

Heather Blake - Some like it Witchy

 photo 51-KRtxSdtL.SX316_zpsqrndcyis.jpg

Ilona Andrews - Sweep in Peace

Sweep in Peace photo Innkeeper-promo_zps9rhppdm4.jpg
Sweep in Peace photo Sweep in Peace_zpstscirjow.jpg

Bailey Cates - Magic and Macaroons

Magic and Macaroons photo 51aQh-PT2B8L.SX316_zpsdyslmupw.jpg

Jayne Castle - Siren's Call

 photo 81EC7ZcQTyL_zpssyqwi4eq.jpg

Ellery Adams - Murder in the paperback parlor

Murder in the Paperback Parlor photo 51kdXSTrdzL.SX316_zpsry6wpcvz.jpg

Jean Johnson - The Terrans - First Salik War

The Terrans photo 51LeQdzYxjL.SX316_zpsczht1wtn.jpg

Rachel Caine - Last Breath

Last Breath photo 510PfIL0V9L.SX316_zpsfuauterp.jpg

Gini Koch - Alien in Chief

 photo 51FWd2BrP3JL.SX316_zpsgt1tldwx.jpg

Robin D. Owens - Heart Legacy

Heart Legacy photo 51MlrDKDu6L.SX316_zpsysofbete.jpg

Gail Carriger - Manners & Mutiny

Manners and Mutiny photo 51soXvrZnsL.SX316_zpsry6y24nu.jpg

It is a very long list of 10 and even some 11 star reads. The main reason for that, I read mostly authors I already love and follow. I have only limited room for new authors to add to my schedule, but I do manage some of those as well. Have you read any of the books on my list? Are they on yours?

Let's hope 2016 will be another amazing reading year!

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  1. Reacties
    1. I sure hope so as well B! The start is amazing already :)

  2. OMG you list rocks..Briggs, Andrews, Bishop..yes, yes, yes!

  3. What a great group of books you have here. I absolutely adore Jennifer Ashley, and I have yet to read a book I didn't like. And yay for Dark Wolf, I really liked that one. I was nervous because of how she would write Skyler and Dimitri, but I was impressed. Hope you have a great reading year in 2016

    1. Thanks Lover of Romance (I really need to call you something else!) I like it that you share some of these books with me:)

  4. Oh some of my favorite authors! I've only read Ashley's two from your list but loved them :D A few others are on my tbr pile :)

  5. Great list, Aurian! I read some books from Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Jennifer Ashley, Thea Harrison and Christine Feehan.

  6. Some of my favorites are in here too! Great list, Aurian! x

  7. Last year was a great year for reading books. I hope this year wil be as great. I haven't read much yet, but have great books on my top TBR. So that will sort itself out.