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Cate Tiernan - Seeker

The tenth book in the Wicca : Sweep series, published April 1, 2002.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Cover: scary and ugly, I am so glad my book has a different cover.

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I love Morgan. She is my Soulmate, my one and only love. But I need to find my family too. Now I know where my parents are, I will seek them out. I feel myself getting closer to them but am I strong enough to face what I might find?
Seventeen year old blood witch Morgan now knows about her true family - it is time for her beloved Hunter to find out about his parents too …

This book focuses on Hunter, and his past. His parents fled for a Dark Wave many years ago, leaving their 3 children behind. They have stayed hidden, chased by the Dark Wave all over the world in those years. But now Hunter has made contact, and he wants to find them. The Council has been no help at all. Morgan is safe for now, Cal and Selene are death, and Ciaran is imprisoned by the Council in Europe.
And so he sets out to find his parents, who are living in a tiny village in Canada.
But he comes to late to find his mother alive, she died 3 months ago, and his father is a living wreck, missing his wife, his Soulmate. The fact the has 3 children who need him, means nothing to him. His wife was everything. He is even performing Dark Magick rituals, to connect with her. Hunter has to get him away from that place, get him clean again, and that is not easy. The local villagers know that his father is a witch, and they come to him for help, especially as they can't afford a doctor. And when his father has gone missing, Hunter is the one who will have to do.
But on their way home to Widow's Vale, Hunter is given an assignment, to find out about a witch who is collecting the true names of people and things. He will have to determine if she is evil and if she needs to be stopped, or only rehabilitated. But to his own surprise, he likes Justine, who is very earnest in her discussions with him, and neither will give in to the other's arguments. Meanwhile, his dad has free access to Justine's enormous library, and he finds a book that will prove very useful in the near future …

I have to admit, when re-reading the series, I often skip this book as I am not all that interested in Hunter and his "Da". I want to go back to Morgan, and her life story. But still, this book does hold clues for future books that are important to know.

7 stars.

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