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Cate Tiernan - Changeling

The eighth book in the Wicca : Sweep series, published December 31, 2001.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Cover: fitting

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The ground keeps shifting around me. I thought I knew the truth about myself. But everything I learned has turned out to be lies. I'll do whatever I have to. Sacrifice anything to find out what I need to know. I've got to know who or what I am.
Morgan is a seventeen year old blood witch, with powers that can be used for good … or for evil. Which path will she choose?

When Morgan finds out that Ciaran MacEwan is her biological father, she is devastated. The most evil witch in recent history is her father? The one who has unleashed the Dark Wave on countless covens around the world to steal their power and possessions? But he is still her father, and she wants to get to know him, and her half brother Killian.
But the Council wants to stop him, and they want Morgan to help them catch him. If she can get close enough to put a watch sigil on him, they can track him down … Morgan is reluctant in even trying, if he finds out what she is doing, he will certainly kill her. Ciaran is willing to meet with her though, the daughter he never knew he had, the one who is the most like him, at least power like. He is proud of her and her accomplishments in defeating Selena, who betrayed him by not telling him about having Maeve's Book of Shadows, and knowing who Morgan really is.
He wants her to join him and Amyranth, to be the most powerful witches they can be together. To entice her, he teaches her to shapeshift …but when their hunted prey turns out to be Hunter, she can't continue with it, she can't go for the kill. She chooses good. And with that one decision, her father becomes her enemy …

Another strong book in the series, and again heartbreaking for Morgan. She made the decision, she is paying the price.

8 stars.

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