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Cate Tiernan - Reckoning

Book 13 in the Wicca : Sweep series, published August 26, 2002.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Cover: a bit better

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Somewhere there is a place for me. There are people who understand me and can explain the mysteries of my past. I have travelled far in search of this place. But instead of knowledge or understanding, I have found only danger, hostility, and fear…
Alisa is half blood witch, but she has terrifying powers and she's determined to unlock the secrets behind them…

Yes, this book is not about Morgan, but about Alisa. She hates her life, her new stepmother-to-be has taken over the house and the rules, and now she wants Alisa to move out of her room into a very tiny one so the new baby can have her room and be closer to the main bedroom. Alisa really dislikes this, she feels like she is stuffed away, that the new baby will completely replace her. That, and the fact that Hilary is only 10 years older than she is, and throws away her mother's stuff.

And so she reaches out to her mother's family. Through some old letters she found, she knows her mother had a brother, and when she contacts him, he is most welcoming and surprised. And so one night, she just runs away. But she does tell Morgan, and asks her for a lift to the busstation.
Alisa is very much welcome to her uncle Sam, and she can stay with him. It is spring break, after all. Her cousin also seems to like her, but Alisa is completely drawn to her cousin's boyfriend … and that seems to be mutual. The rest of her family is condescending of her, especially her grandmother. As a half witch, she is not supposed to have any powers at all, and she doesn't tell them differently.
It appears they also have a resident ghost, who likes to destroy things. Or is it something else altogether? Like… hereditary telekinetic powers perhaps?

At first I didn't like a book that did not feature Morgan and Hunter, but this is a good story nonetheless. It was good for Alisa to find out more about her background, and to have real family. She really shakes them up too. And I did like that her grandmother finally gives her her mothers' things. Like the athame she has been dreaming about.
Also, her father is paying more attention to her, and how things are for her after she scared him silly by running away. He did not know about her mother's family at all.

8 stars.

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