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Cate Tiernan - Strife

The ninth book in the Wicca : Sweep series, published February 18, 2002.
Genre: YA Urban Fantasy
Cover: meh

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Frightening things are happening around me. Someone is using their magick for violence. My friends think it's me. They are wrong. I'm not the one who is out of control… But how can I prove it … before it's too late?
Seventeen year old Morgan is a blood witch - but there are others around her with magickal powers too…

Morgan's parents are furious when they find out she has been getting bad grades, that all her time is spend on studying Wicca instead of studying for school. They are determined to send her to a Catholic boarding school, to "save" her. But Catholicism isn't her religion anymore, it's Wicca, it is her heritage. And now strange things are happening around her, and her friends think her magic is out of control. But it is not, someone else is doing this to her.
But eventually, she even agrees to having her magick bound so no-one else will get hurt. And it hurts. But who is it?

This is the book I like the least in the series, so I skimmed parts of it. I don't like how her friends and especially Hunter won't believe her. Nor do I like the Irish witch who is supposed to teach Morgan some necessary stuff. Also, her parents are being really upset with her. Of course, they don't know she has been fighting evil, fighting to survive those many months.

7 stars.

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  1. Ergs on that cover! That sucks about her friends/guy not believing her. That always bugs me :(

    1. Yes, me too. She may be new to this, but she knows when she is using her powers or not. But as the strongest witch around, it has to be her ... wrong ...