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Anthology – Snowy night with a stranger – Read for #LLC2015

A collection of stories by Jane Feather, Sabrina Jeffries and Julia London, published October 28, 2008.
Genre: historical romance
Cover: nice

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Warm up on a winter's night with three passionate love stories from three shining New York Times bestselling authors!

Jane Feather leads an unwitting Yuletide traveler down a twisting path. . . . Edward Vasey, Viscount Allenton, is journeying precariously through a snowstorm when his coach is overtaken by highwaymen! Robbed of his money, Ned takes refuge at Selby Hall, where a spirited beauty with a shocking secret may steal something more - his heart.

Edward Vasey has just returned from years in India, as he has just inherited the title of Viscount Allenton from his brother and he needs to take up responsibility for his estate in Northumberland. Due to a snowstorm he can’t possibly travel any further, and after being accosted by highwaymen, he has to seek shelter at a neighbours house, Lord Roger Selby’s who is hosting a Christmas party.
Ned remembers the man, and doesn’t much care for him, and certainly not for the company he keeps. But he does like Georgiana Carey and he doesn’t like how she is treated by her uncle, who is her guardian, or her fiancée. It seems that Georgiana is not a willing partner in that union. And when they are alone, Georgiana shows him a totally different side of herself than she shows in public, and Ned quickly falls for her. But he is on his way to propose to his own childhood sweetheart …

I liked this story, it was original and fun and the bad guys are true bad guys. The little mystery part was very easily solved though, and Ned saw through it fast enough. Good characters, solid story.

8 stars.

Sabrina Jeffries unlocks the heart of an embittered lord. . . . When a coach accident strands heiress Elinor Bancroft at the home of the notorious Black Baron, she discovers the Christmas Day heartache that darkened his soul years ago - and her generous heart brings a festive air to his home and reawakens his spirit to love.

I enjoyed this story most of all. Elinor is usually shy and though she is an heiress, she doesn’t like being out in society, she much prefers the country side. She has to take care of her cousin who has her leg broken in the carriage accident, and her unruly children. The Black Baron doesn’t care much for guests, or for women, or for children. He works with explosives a lot, and he doesn’t want them to cause an accident. Of course, forbidding little boys something, only makes them more determined to do it. But slowly he sees that Elinor is not as he thought she was, she does care about her cousin and the children and she is not afraid of work.
But just when they are developing a relationship, her father shows up, taking them all away on Christmas Eve …

I loved Elinor, but I loved the hero more. Rumored to have killed his brother to get the title and the estate, he is shunned by society, but he also never tried to clear his name. He is a good man, and he works hard for the people in his mine, doing his best to make their work safer.
A good, original story.

9 stars.

Julia London sends a debutante into the wintry Scottish wilds. . . . Searching for her rakehell brother, an earl lying low in the wake of a scandalous affair, Fiona Haines is led by a rugged Highlander who obscures his scarred face. As they journey on, Fiona draws closer to her brave, enigmatic protector - but will fury or passion ignite when he reveals his identity?

This story is a bit connected to a book I read earlier, A Courtesan’s Scandal. And I enjoyed it, but Fiona certainly irritated me a bit with her continuous babbling to a stranger, and her journey alone with said stranger was a bit unbelievable. She should have been travelling with an escort, or hired a new maid or something. Still, the romance part and how they got to know each other was fun.
And now I am curious about the story of the rakehell brother.
O, and there is a meeting with a wolf!

7 stars.

This is a really nice Christmas anthology, journeying through the snow and meeting new people. Recommended!

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  1. I read this anthology also for Christmas and enjoyed it very much!

  2. Love all books Christmas and Jeffries is a favorite. Will have to check it out :)

    1. I know you are a big Sabrina Jeffries fan Anna, so you will have to read this one. It is really good and different.