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Looking back at LoveLetter Convention 2014.

It is a lot of fun to attend a convention. You get to meet some of your favourite authors, talk with them and have them sign your books. You will meet lots of likeminded people there, and there are some free books as well.

My best friend Freya and I have been attending the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin for 3 years now, and are looking forward to attending again this year. We are looking forward to meeting the friends we made in previous years again. That is one of the best parts of the convention, meeting new people from all over Europe, making a connection through your mutual love of books and reading, and maintaining a friendship thanks to the internet.

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The list of authors attending was never so long! Nalini Singh, Lara Adrian and Larissa Ione were coming back again! As was Maya Banks, who was attending for the third year in a row. New authors to meet were Sylvia Day, Kelly Hunter, Lisa Jackson, Nancy Bush, Michelle Willingham, Nancy Warren, Ann Major, Jane Porter, Annie West, JL Langley, Abbi Glines and Samantha Young.

Aurian: I had already read a Sylvia Day book, and was trying to read an old Lisa Jackson book. I also knew Annie West already, thanks to Facebook and an unexpected contest where I won one of her books. It was great to meet her.
And of course, who has not read an Ann Major book in her life? I remember reading those “bouquet reeks” from Harlequin in my youth, and she was still writing them! This was the year with lots of category romance authors, and it was more fun than we expected.

Freya: I tried an Abbi Glines and Samantha Young book, but they weren’t my kind of reads unfortunately, as I am not a big fan of YA. I did enjoy Lisa Jackson and Nancy Bush, who write romantic suspense, though. And it was great meeting Annie West, she became an autobuy author for me.

Peggy: I, personally, liked Samantha Young and Abbi Glines their books so I was very much looking forward to meeting them. One of the highlights of this convention was meeting Annie West who is such a lovely person and whose books I also read for the convention. Another highlight was meeting Nalini Singh and Larissa Ione again!
This year the convention took place in another building and I loved the new location, especially the garden. Where you could relax and read a book or just talk about books with other people.

Karin: Last year I especially enjoyed meeting my friends in person again – of course! I discovered Michelle Willingham and Jane Porter, found out that gay romances are just not my cup of tea, remembered that I had read Ann Major way back when I was still young and had lovely conversations with Annie West (we both love “Mr Impossible” by Loretta Chase and share a love for Georgette Heyer’s romances). And with Larissa Ione I had some discussions about dogs – she and her husband were fun to talk to!
So each and every visit I paid to the LLC was worth it and I know I will have that much fun and perhaps even more this year.

Aurian: After meeting with Nancy Warren, I read the book she gave me, and I fell in love with her writing style. Both Freya and I have read more Annie West books, and they are both firmly on my autobuy list.

And of course we had made sure that Karin and Peggy were staying in the same hotel with us this year. We had some lovely times talking about books, over dinner and during the convention and later in the evening.

One night we had dinner with some French ladies as well, making it a very nice European event. I “met” Fabiola Chenet thanks to Lisa Marie Rice, who was doing interviews with European bloggers at the time, and we became Facebook friends. And as she was attending for the first time with some of her friends, we had made an appointment to meet after the convention. Fabiola Chenet is a published author now, and when her book is translated into English or Dutch, I am determined to read it.

How about you dear reader? Have you been to a convention? How do you prepare for it?

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