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Looking back at LoveLetter Convention 2013.

It is a lot of fun to attend a convention. You get to meet some of your favourite authors, talk with them and have them sign your books. You will meet lots of likeminded people there, and there are some free books as well.

My best friend Freya and I have been attending the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin for 3 years now, and are looking forward to attending again this year. We are looking forward to meeting the friends we made in previous years again. That is one of the best parts of the convention, meeting new people from all over Europe, making a connection through your mutual love of books and reading, and maintaining a friendship thanks to the internet.

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The second year, 2013, we were even more excited, as we knew what we could expect. A great time! Michelle Styles, Lisa Marie Rice, Shannon McKenna and Maya Banks were coming again, and we were looking forward to that. And we would be meeting Vivian Arend, Delilah Marvelle, Cherry Adair, Mardi Ballou, Erin McCarthy, Pamela Palmer, Karen Rose, Courtney Milan, Annie Burrows and Fiona Harper.

Aurian: I had read some Erin McCarthy books before, but I read some more and since then I have become a big fan of her books. I’ve also read Pamela Palmer. But the main attraction for me this year, was Cherry Adair. I just love her books, and she is such a wonderful person.

Freya: And I really wanted to meet Delilah Marvelle, as I enjoyed some of her books, and Vivian Arend and Karen Rose. Delilah had some delightful workshops, you sure missed something Aurian. I’ve also read a book by Mardi Ballou

Aurian: Another fun event was a sketch Michelle Styles and her friend and fellow Harlequin author Annie Burrows did together. It was awesome, and I so hope they will attend again some year.

Peggy: O yes! I liked that sketch too, Aurian. They were both so very nice women. The same went for Fiona Harper, Karen Rose and Vivian Arend. I love it that you have such a close contact with the writers on the convention. Delilah Marvelle and Cherry Adair were very special women, they both spoke with a great passion, what made their workshops very interesting. One other writer whose books I discovered and liked was Tina Folsom.

Karin: This year I added one more day to staying in Berlin and decided I would stay in a hotel close to the location of the convention. This was the wisest decision I’ve made in a long time because it gave me more friends (Aurian, Freya, Peggy) who understood when I started talking about fictional characters because they shared my interest in books.
I was so pleased to meet Vivian Arend, an easygoing, lovely person who happens to write great books; and I so enjoyed meeting Cherry Adair who not only writes my kind of books but also has that great personality that makes you want to keep in touch.

Aurian:The best part was in the hotel on Friday though, when we saw a woman with the same red/orange coloured hair Cherry Adair had on her book covers, and we mistook her for Cherry from the back. But that mistake won us a good friend, Karin from Austria. We spend some time together that weekend, and stayed in touch afterwards through the internet.

The first day of the Convention we met Peggy from Belgium, whom we both had met a few years earlier at a forum meeting of a Dutch romance website, and so we renewed that friendship as well.

Karin and Peggy became contributors to my blog as well, and I am very happy with their monthly recommendations, and I hope my readers as well.

How about you dear reader? Have you been to a convention? How do you prepare for it?

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