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Susan Mallery – Sizzling – Read for #LLC2015

The third book in the Buchanans series, published January 1, 2007.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: don’t like this at all. My book cover is different. Not much to look at either.

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A spiteful article about the former pitcher and current playboy questions his talent in the bedroom. And the newspaper's just the first bad news. Reid's grandmother Gloria's broken hip means she needs constant care--but Reid hired Nurses 1 and 2 for their bedside manner with him. So for Number 3 he chooses Lori Johnson, the first candidate who seems immune to his brand of charm.
Lori's never wasted her time with amoebas like Reid Buchanan. So why are her well-fortified defenses starting to crumble under the force of his sexy smile--and the kindness he shows her at every turn? There's only one explanation for the feelings flaring between them--chemistry. Chemistry so hot, it's sizzling!

I know this is the third book in the series, but as I don’t have the others, I dove right in it. I really liked the family dynamics, and you get updates on the previous couples without spoiling their way to romance. But, I did not like this book very much, mainly because the hero of the story really is the worthless man Lori thinks he is. Even though he is so very handsome and wealthy and a great former pitcher. There is nothing to him, nothing inside worth loving in my opinion.
He feels sorry for himself as some reporter tells her story, and that he is bad in bed. His manager has disappointed some kids in his name, as he does not want anything to do with that part of his career (he doesn’t care about his fans at all) and he has no clue what to do with himself now that his career his over. Something he caused himself while skiing drunk.

So yes, Lori changes him, makes him work and make an effort to right things, but I just don’t feel it. She is so in love and lust with him (and too afraid to believe in the possibility of a relationship), buy why is totally beyond me. He is just not a good man, he is shallow and totally self absorbed.

What I did like was his cranky grandmother, and how Lori worked with her. I liked the parts with Lori and her perfect gorgeous sister, who is dying of leukemia. What I did not like, was how that ended. What I did not like, is Lori’s mother and how she keeps talking Lori down. Even though she presumably is trying to do better and is sorry for the past.

I kept reading in the hope that it would be better, and because I liked the secondary story lines. But Susan Mallery did not manage to make me like these main characters at all. I have one more book by her, but for now, I am not rushing to read that one.
I need to be able to like the main characters, admire them even, and I just did not in this book.

5 stars out of 10.

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  1. That co ver is weird, not at all like hers

  2. Sorry to read that you didn't like the book but that sometimes happens :(

    1. Yes, tastes differ and those main characters had nothing going for them.

  3. That's a pity. I have this series, but haven't read it yet. I liked several of her other books, but she seems to be a hit-and-miss.

  4. That stinks. I love her books. Haven't read these though. Just in her Fools Gold series.

    1. I hope to read one soon Anna. I have a Christmas book in that series.