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Nancy Warren – Breakaway – Read for #LLC2015

The second book in the Last Bachelor Standing series, published March 18, 2014.
Genre: contemporary romance
Cover: nice

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Welcome to Last Bachelor Standing!
How long can three sexy single men hold out?
Our next bachelor? Mr. Business-Before-Pleasure, Max Varo. He's a genius billionaire with the cojones to go after anything he wants - and win. Now this tempting man is disguised as a "pilot" while he checks out a small Alaskan airline he wants to buy. But he's about to meet his (very sexy) Waterloo....
Pilot Claire Lundstrom hasn't a clue that her family's struggling business is on the cusp of a takeover. What she does know is that she has some rather unbosslike lusty thoughts for Max. But Claire will have to convince him - in the most exquisite ways possible - that losing can be way more fun than winning!

Max Varo is bored. His business is running smoothly without him, and he wants a diversion. While his company is looking into the possible take-over of a struggling Alaskan airline, he decides to find out firsthand why it is struggling when it should be sound. And so Max hires himself out as bushpilot to the owner and her sexy granddaughter.
Just when he arrives, Claire Lundstrom finds out that the company is in big financial trouble, as their manager, and best friend of her late grandfather, has been embezzling money for years, taking out unnecessary loans. Apparently, he has a drinking and gambling addiction. Can Claire get the company back on its feet?

Claire’s grandmother instantly takes a liking to Max, and offers him their old guesthouse to stay in. And Claire likes him as well, but she is his boss, so she should keep her distance, right? Even when he asks her out to dinner at the town’s only good restaurant…

But Frank doesn’t like being fired, and after harassing Claire, he tries to get his job pack, promising he will repay everything if she doesn’t file charges against him. But then the plane that Claire and Max are in, crashes in one of the remote lakes, and they will have to survive a long journey through the wilderness back to civilization.

They grow very close together, only able to rely on themselves and their wits. But when Claire finally finds out who Max is, and why he is there, there will be hell to pay ….

I enjoyed this book so much! One of the fun details is that they both like to play icehockey, and they end up training together. Claire was one of the chosen Olympians a few years ago, and she never told him that. So she is totally capable of playing against Max in a final bet … winner takes all …

I can keep telling you that I loved this book, the characters, the setting, the story, the humor, everything. Just try one of Nancy Warren’s books yourself and find out why I love it so much! I will read the third book soon.

9 stars.

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  1. I'm happy for you that you enjoyed this book so much, Aurian. Have fun with the third book.

    1. I've already finished the third book Peggy and it is good :) perhaps the best of the three.

  2. This sounds like a lot of fun! I'm going to have to check it out.

  3. I'll try to read this and the next one before LLC, Aurian.