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Robin D. Owens – Ghost Killer

The third book in the Ghost Seer series, published February 3, 2015.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: strong, but not fitting the heroine at all.

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Something wicked this way comes...
When her aunt died, level-headed accountant Clare Cermak inherited a fortune--as well as a phantom dog and the power to help ghosts move on. Her new gift led her to Zach Slade, a sexy private investigator with a unique psychic gift of his own and the man who's slowly opening her heart. But as they work toward building a future together, a sinister threat emerges.
An evil ghost is ravaging Creede, Colorado, threatening to devour the spirit of an innocent boy. Inexperienced in facing such a powerful ghost--and knowing her spirit, too, could be ripped away--Clare still can't refuse to help. With Zach's support she uncovers the ghost's identity and the ancestral weapon required to slay it. But does Clare dare to use that weapon before the ghost destroys the man she loves--and her own spirit?

It has been only 17 days since Clare received her “gift” of seeing ghosts, and helping them move on. Her first two cases were difficult, but she managed it and she is learning. But now she has to deal with an evil ghost, one who kills people and eats their souls. A young boy is in danger, a ghost seer just like herself, only his parents don’t want to believe him. His great-grandmother is Zach’s landlady, and she asks for their help in protecting Caden, and killing the evil ghost before more people die.
Clare has no idea how to do that, and her spirit guide is not much of a help. Her aunt dealt with evil ghosts regularly, but she did not write down what exactly was necessary.
First they will have to find out who the ghost is, and what triggered the evolution from normal ghost to an evil one. And then Clare will have to kill it, using her family’s ritual knife. A magical knife with a thirst for blood.
While Zach is trying to get information for the local law enforcement officers, Clare investigates the past, trying to find out more about the ghost. It has already eaten all the other ghosts in the area, so it is eerily silent to her senses and there is no one left to ask for information.

The ghost senses Clare, and is not happy with her presence in town. It tries to eat her, but Clare fights back. But when the evil ghost takes her beloved ghost dog companion, Enzo, Clare won’t wait any longer, she will get Enzo back.

I absolutely loved this story, and I love how Clare is growing, and not accepting Zach who tries to keep her out of things. She is the ghost seer, not him, even though he is finally acknowledging his own psychic powers. What I absolutely dislike about the book, is the amount of sex scenes. At every opportunity they have, they engage in sex. It is just too much, and they could have used their time better research wise. Clare is also supposed to keep the knife with her, and she doesn’t.
I liked how her friend Desiree Rickman came to her rescue, and thought her how to fight with the knife, and even made sure she had her own transportation. Desiree sees aura’s but she is also a trained operative, working with and for her husband’s organisation.

Caden’s parents think they do the right thing, but they deny that Caden is seeing ghosts, even when they have evidence of the fact that it is much more than nightmares. His mother is capable of seeing Enzo as well. So why are they not supporting their son? It is a family gift after all, his mother, grandmother and great-grandmother all have it. They cannot just wish it to go away.

It is difficult; I really really love the story itself, the ghost angle, and all it entails. I like Clare, and how she is handling things. I still don’t really like Zach and the way he treats Clare, but he is growing on me. I absolutely dislike their excessive sex scenes. I wish there was more details on the research, the people they meet. More about her aunt’s journals and her old cases.

But yes, I will keep reading those books. As long as the story is good, I can live with main characters I am not all that fond of.

7 stars.

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  1. I can deal with a good plot, but I prefer a good plot with good characters. At least you found it enjoyable enough to continue.

    1. Yes I do love the story line and want to see where it goes. But the hero, hmm. I have my doubts if he will ever improve enough for me.

  2. i haven't discovered this series yet... i'm tempted not something i absolutely want to read but i would like to try it at least

  3. I don't know, I was mixed with book 1 I confess so I'm not sure I'll try the others for now.

    1. You can't love them all Melliane. For me, the story is more important in this series than me liking both characters.

  4. I still have (your) book 2 on my TBR, but it doesn't call to me that much. I think I'll pass for the time being.