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Shannon Mayer - Priceless

The first book in the Rylee Adamson series, published February 2013.
Genre: urban fantasy
Cover: my book has the small cover, I like them both.

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My name is Rylee, and I am a Tracker.
When children go missing and the Humans have no leads, I'm the one they call. I am their last hope in bringing home the lost ones. I salvage what they cannot.
I'm on the FBI's wanted list.
I have a werewolf for a pet, a Witch of a best friend, and I have no need for anyone else in my life.
But when a salvage starts to spin out of control, help comes from a most unexpected direction. One that is dangerously dark, brooding, and doesn't know a thing about the supernatural.
One whose kisses set me on fire.

When Rylee was 16, she was supposed to watch over her little sister Berget in the park. But between one second and the next, she was gone. No one saw what happened. As she felt so guilty, even though she could not have prevented it, the FBI and her adopted parents both thought she has killed her little sister, even though a body has never been found.
So her parents kicked her out of the house, and the FBI agent in charge is now, 10 years later, still dogging her steps.

But something else happened that day, Rylee’s powers have awakened. She was lucky enough to find Giselle, someone who could teach her about her powers, and a friend to share it with. Even though Milly was a Witch, and a very powerful one.

And now Rylee has made it her job to find missing children. Never adults, only children, no one else can find. Even though she does not always find them alive, she brings them home to give their parents closure. She just has to see a picture, hear the story, and decide to take the case. Then she can focus on the missing child, and find out where she is. Most often, they have been taken by paranormal creatures, because they have budding powers themselves. Normal law enforcement agencies have no chance at all at retrieving those children, but she can.

Normal human technology doesn’t really work around Rylee, or behind the Veil, and so she relies on her swords and fighting technique instead of guns and firepower to beat the bad guys. And on her friends potions and spells. And now Rylee has a new case, very similar to that of her missing sister, India has disappeared on the same day, from the same park, and the same swing set. How can she refuse this case? Berget is the only she has never been able to track, but perhaps now she will find a clue of sorts.

But how can she get FBI special agent Liam O’Shea of her butt? Perhaps flirting with him, as Millie suggests, really is the best option ...

I have recently read a review about this book or series on I Smell Sheep blog, so when I saw this book on sale on a secondhand site, I snatched it up. And I really enjoyed myself reading it. Rylee is a great heroine, she knows what she is doing, and she goes after the children she is tracking without much regard for herself. And on the way to rescue India, we meet an Ogre, Vampires, Daywalkers, Witches, Harpies, Unicorns, Werewolves and more. So what is not to love about this world?
When O’Shea gets involved in a magical attack on Rylee and her werewolf friend Max, his eyes are opened. And when he is framed for killing his partner he has no choice but to team up with Rylee to try and clean his record and find the missing children.

I really enjoyed this story. It has a lot of action, some great and original characters and a heroine you will like. A lot of people die, some horribly, and Rylee is not squeamish either when she needs information from the bad guys. I liked that.

Recommend if you love urban fantasy and are looking for something original.

8 stars.

A blogger made me buy it

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  1. Thanks for the heads up, Aurian. I've been seeing this book everywhere but wasn't sure what to expect.

    1. If you give it a try, I hope you will like it Karina. But the books are dreadfully expensive.

  2. Well the horrible deaths aside, this one sounds like something I would enjoy!

  3. I DO love urban fantasy, and I'm ALWAYS looking for something original. I've had this book for probably over a year, but I'm now feeling motivated to actually read it ;)

  4. This sound interesting.

    Does she gets closure about her sister? Or is that a ongoing story arc?