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Looking back at LoveLetter Convention 2012.

It is a lot of fun to attend a convention. You get to meet some of your favourite authors, talk with them and have them sign your books. You will meet lots of likeminded people there, and there are some free books as well.

My best friend Freya and I have been attending the LoveLetter Convention in Berlin for 3 years now, and will be attending again this year. We are looking forward to meeting the friends we made in previous years. That is one of the best parts of the convention, meeting new people from all over Europe, making a connection through your mutual love of books and reading, and maintaining a friendship thanks to the internet.

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The very first year the Convention took place was in 2012, and we were super excited, Nalini Singh and Lara Adrian would be coming to Germany, and we would be able to meet them! We were and still are huge fans of their books. Attending a convention in America is our big dream, but financially out of our reach. So now American authors were coming to Berlin, Germany. That was doable. But there were more authors coming, authors whose books we had not read, authors whom we had never heard of before. And just so we had something to talk about with them, and have some books to sign, we bought some of their books. And we enjoyed those books, and they have landed firmly on our autobuy lists. So the convention made us discover new great authors to love. Sometimes Freya and I divided the new authors, with her “handling” the more erotic authors.

Aurian: In 2012 I discovered Maya Banks KGI series, and Bella Andre’s hot firefighters.

Freya: Yes, I did as well, and also added Larissa Ione, Tina Folsom, Shannon McKenna en Lisa Marie Rice to my list. Those were too hot for you Aurian!

We met Michelle Styles there, an English author who writes historical romances for Harlequin. We really liked her, she was fun to hang out with (and had the most gorgeous red shoes) and because of that, we started reading her books as well, but that was after the convention.

Peggy: I read about the convention on Anna Campbell her website (she’s one of my favourite historical writers). She was coming to this convention and I really wanted to meet her but to my regret she cancelled her visit later on. But I was still excited about meeting Nalini Singh and Shannon McKenna whose books I also loved. On the first day I met Karin and Jutta, two Austrian women, who became friends. I loved the blind dates with the writers! My first blind date was with Larissa Ione, who was very friendly and so sweet. Lisa Marie Rice was a writer I didn’t know but whose books I read and enjoyed after the convention.

Karin: I basically went to Berlin that year because I had read on Nalini Singh’s blog that she was going there. I actually had no idea what to expect except for seeing Nalini Singh – IN PERSON! As you might gather I’m a really big fan. It turned out to be such a pleasant few days as I couldn’t have imagined. Not only did I meet Peggy and Jutta (she’s from Vienna) but I also started reading Lisa Marie Rice and Shannon McKenna.
And I firmly decided that I would be going again the following year.

How about you dear reader? Have you been to a convention? How do you prepare for it?

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